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A message to all our visitors from around the world

April 07, 2020

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. May you all continue to do so.

Here on Colonsay, as we move into our third week of isolation, we’re pleased to let you know that our community is also safe and well, and pulling together in an extraordinary fashion to support and shield our more vulnerable members. The Shop is even more of a community hub now, delivering food around the island; our doctors, Dave and Jan – who were due to retire last week – have stayed on to provide support through this trying time; and while folk and quiz nights are for the moment a distant memory, both Gavin at the Pantry and Grace at the Hotel have developed island takeaway and delivery services for those in need of a ‘toothsome snack’. Plus, of course, innumerable acts of individual kindness for those unable to leave their houses are detailed daily on the island’s Community Facebook page (as well as a lot of bad puns…)

But there is one big thing we all miss – and that is you, our loyal visitors and fellow Colonsay-lovers. To that end, we’re continuing to plan for when this is all over and we can see you again, hopefully later this year, perhaps at the Colonsay Folk Festival in September – or for a taste of what you’ve missed at the Colonsay Food and Drink Festival in October. Whenever we see you, you know that you’ll be welcome, as always, to share our special place, Colonsay Isle ‘Gem of the sea’.

In the meantime, do keep in touch through our Facebook and Instagram pages and be reassured that, in the words of Kenneth McKellar “We’re no awa tae bide awa…”

Stay safe.