Visitor Guidelines & ongoing precautions against COVID-19


March 22, 2020

Colonsay is a small island with an elderly population and very limited emergency medical resources. Although our GPs are working incredibly hard to ensure that our small but fragile community is as protected as possible, there are limits to what will be possible in the event of a local outbreak.

Because of this we are asking that visitors refrain from travelling to the island unless it is absolutely necessary. We fully understand that people are anxious, scared and would perhaps feel safer on Colonsay but we ask that you put the health of everyone, including yourselves, first by staying where you are.

We are aware that some of you may have spent a significant amount of money on your travel plans but we would ask that you take a moment to consider the many hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their jobs already and that by limiting the spread of the virus we still could come out of this feeling like the personal hardships suffered by so many were not in vain.

We are in a good position to protect our vulnerable people if we can prevent the spread of the virus but, equally, we are in a very difficult position if people do start to fall ill. Please help us to keep our community safe and, instead of travelling up over the coming months, plan to visit us at another time when the island will be more like the beautiful, safe place we all love.

You can contact your accommodation providers and Calmac for advice on cancelling bookings and we will be happy to help you to plan future trips as soon as it is possible. We look forward to seeing you all for a ceilidh once we have weathered this storm.